SKB specializes in the environmentally responsible and economical disposal of waste and debris – Serving northern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Shamrock Trucking started in 2011 in a partnership with Shamrock Landfill. We recently joined forces to become SKB Environmental of Cloquet. We did so to accommodate a diverse portfolio of industrial waste customers and have been successful in providing turn-key solutions to our customers.

Maintaining and building healthy business relationships is one of our core goals, our customers trust us and we trust our customers. We pride ourselves in having the best service available in today’s dynamic market; We do this by offering specific consultative solutions to each our customers, and perform by quickly responding to service requests and executing those service requests with the highest quality and integrity.

Our commitment to customers, the community, and operational excellence have and will be the guiding principles that shape SKB’s vision, goals, and results. Due to our stringent and continual focus on environmental protection and operational excellence, we have never received a violation at any of our facilities in our entire history. With this company philosophy, we are able to provide unmatched environmental safeguards to protect the public and our customers’ interests.